A Van Awesome Journey

Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How a sick Mama makes homemade soup...

Ok so I am now on round three of having strep throat since Sept..what is UP with that!! Because I bring new, yummy, healthy recipes to my clients each week a client decided to share one with me :D...Lentil Soup mmm mmmm.

Lentil Soup - Serves 6 , 192 calories a serving
Need:- 1tbsp Olive oil
- 1 large onion, finely chopped
- 1tsp ground cumin
- 1 each carrot, celery stalk, potato diced
- 1cup dried red lentils
- 1 box chicken stock
- 1tbsp lemon juice

To do:Heat oil in pot, add onion & garlic cook 5min
Add cumin cook 30 sec
Add carrots, celery and potato, mix well
Stir in lentils & stock
Cover and cook on low for 30min
Add lemon juice, puree

So since I have a VERY sore throat I thought that a nice warm soup would do it some good. So as I was chopping the veggies my youngest pulls up a chair to the counter because he wants to help....and what one does the other must do to....so my oldest then joins him on the chair.

Oldest child - "What are you doing Mommy?
Me - "Making soup"
Youngest child - " HOT!!" (he's a child of few words right now)
Me - "yes the stove is hot right now, stay back please"
Oldest Child - " I want to put the carrots in Mommy"
Me - " Sorry buddy the pot is too hot for you to do that"
Oldest child then starts to cry because he wants to help, while the youngest child now starts trying to push his brother off the chair because he doesn't want to share the space anymore....boys are both now pushing each other and crying.

I put everything in the pot and put the lid on, "OK! everyone out of the kitchen and up to bed"

After finding my oldest sons 'blankie' and my youngest son's TWO 'blankies' and his soother we headed up stairs for diaper changes, pull-ups on, changing into PJ's, reading books, kisses and cuddles and promises to stay in bed and go to sleep right away, I walk down the stairs and smell something......OH CRAP!!! the soup! I run to the kitchen and lift the lid on the pot and see that all the liquid has boiled off...LOL! Ok it could have been worse!
So because I like to puree my soups I pull out the blender, put the 'soup' in it and added the rest of the chicken stock that I had in hopes it would help to thin it out.....welllll not so much....it was as thick as peanut butter, but it tasted GREAT!!! So I divided it up anyways and put it in the freezer saving one serving for the fridge and for lunch the next day....I figure I can just get more chicken stock and add it to each serving as I eat it :)

'Live in YOUR awesome!'