A Van Awesome Journey

Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Just had to let that out :-D

SO!...sorry for not staying connected I have been busy...an awesome busy. It started on the long weekend with the nice weather and my Dad taking both the boys...woot! woot!

Sat's is my long run days so as I was about to head out and was telling my husband my route ( I do this for safety reasons) he suggested that he jump on his bike and put the kids in the bike trailer and meet me down at the Bronte park I will be passing during my run...AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT! as that is one of my goals of including my family more in my outings and I hadn't thought of that........so I ran the 6k to the park and then played with the kids for a bit but spent too long there and my body was like, "Oh ok that was a good 6k run I'm done now"...well guess what baby we're dong 12k today so there's still another 6k to go.......oh dear. The run back was hard but awesome. My hubby biked in lowest gear the whole way so that I could keep up with them and my 4yr keep yelling, " Hi Mommy!....keep going mommy!" But it was a hard run back and I was happy to be home.
Then dropped the kids off at my Dads and then went to help my hubby with his second job of landscaping he has in the summer....which ended up being 3hrs!!!!!! FRIGG!....I DON'T like doing labour like that and would rather do a 3hr boot camp class.....no wait a 4hr Adventure Race then that kind of work....every part of my body was tired and this was after my 12k 1100 calorie burn run in the morning!!!

Sun morning I hopped on the bike and hit the trails with hubby for the first time WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! It was wicked. Due to the rain some of the trail was washed out and so we were biking through river pretty much and at one point I thought we were lost!! LOL!!!! always an adventure when you go biking LOL!!!!....but we made it back, wet, muddy and giddy like two school kids! That was the first time that we rode together :)

The Mon Hubby had off and I had some cash so I headed out to see the Phat Chicks and do some Kick boxing.....gawd that felt excellent and I always feel so much better when I see those gals!

So last Fri hubby and I hit our 6yrs married mark woo hooo!! Love you hun xoxoxox.....now normally we don't get each other stuff, not even a card we just spend time together....but on Fri morning with a smile and a laugh he handed me a card and a file folder....LOL! Yes I said file folder....what this amazing man had done was save away money for the last few months AND didn't buy something he wanted for his car which is MAJOR....cause he's a car guy and instead he got me a 3 month unlimited pass to Phat Chicks!!!!! Are you frigg'n kidding me!!!!

He said that he sees me working out so hard here by myself and knows that I LOVE my Phat Chicks and how much more happier I am when I can go out to see them so now all summer I can go when ever I want!!!!!!! I was hugging him and crying like a baby! BEST HUBBY EVERRRRRRRRRRRR! OMG!

So now I am totally pumped even more for the summer!......Phat Chicks when ever I want, my 4yr first Tri, doing an adventure race with hubby as my teammate AND Tri training started tonight with the Mommy's in Motion!!!! and it was nasty, stinky, dirty HOT! out and it was still awesome....so many memories are flooding back to me as to what I was doing this time last year and remembering how this time last year started off what has been THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!!

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thurs~ I have a goal

So in case you hadn't noticed I have added on some new widgets to my blog....look to your right!
They are the count down to my big races this year!! I am SO excited about them and that's when I realized today I am thankful to have goals....they keep me moving and make me look forward to my future :)
There was a time in my life that I did not look forward to my future nor did I have any goals for it.

So I am grateful for the feeling of hope, excitement and motivation that a goal gives me :-)

What are your goals?

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The secret life of a working out Mama

Ok so sticking to my plan of getting back at'r and going back the basics I followed through on my plan of being sure to workout 1hr a day for 5 days a week......one day at a time :)

So yesterday (Mon) I had nothing planned and it was raining so I thought it would be a good time to workout in the morning. So I popped in the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred 20min workout. Now for those of you that know me 20mins of working out is just not going to cut it, I need an hour or more!

So my bright idea was to do all three levels one after another....20min times three equals 60min right!...right!

Ok so first the only weights I have are 2lbs, 10lbs & 12lbs that my hubby got for me off Kijiji last summer....so anytime I do a weight workout I have to do it with the 10lbs weights! LOL!! OH BABY!!! Let me tell you!...I has huffing and puffing and grunting and groaning half way through level 2 and ALL the way through level 3 OMG!!

Even at one point my brain started thinking, "God this is hard! Oh man I don't like this" So what did I do?!.....told it to piss off and just listened to what Jillian was telling me on the screen instead.

Ok so this morning OMG my arms are SO sore! LOL!!! I can't even lift my grumpy 2yr to the time-out spot! This is what makes me think of the 'secret' life of a working out Mama because I now will go through the rest of the day remembering my workout with every move I make today! LOL!....It reminds me of last summer when I was training for my first Tri. The night before I did the longest distance I have ever done (600m swim, 14k bike, 4k run) and then that morning I was changing poopy diapers with one hand and holding down the kid who didn't want to get a diaper change with the other hand and trying not to get sh*t everywhere! LOL!....as I was doing this I thought to myself,..."Do you know what I just did last night!?"....and well... no they didn't, because it's my secret life.....but I wear every sore part with pride because I know what I did..... te he.

Now I must go and iron me cape :-)

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Running with the enemy

I read in an Ad one time a saying......." I use to run with fear, now she can't keep up"....WICKED!!! Was my thought after reading that cause I could relate :)

However I have been finding it hard to be my own cheerleader these days. I currently spend my time training by myself, I never realized how much of a difference it made to hear others encouraging me and cheering me on....as I did with others when we were in a group.

So a few things have been going on and the first thing that started to bring me down was the fact that I have lost more then just weight in this journey. I have also lost friends...people who I love dearly and care for a lot and I am saddened and confused by this and it started to get to me more then normal about 2 weeks ago. So I guess once the door of negative was cracked open more started pushing it self out.

I also I have not been as active as I normally am. I get board SO easy and all I can do on my own is run or workout in my living room. So as you all know I am all about feeling awesome and my body was not feeling awesome which then leads to not so good eating.....which then leads to not feeling awesome...etc ect... I started getting concerned about my health again and if old ways of thinking were starting to cause me problems...ie: "Oh just have one!'....or , "Just a treat for today!"....or " Well now that you had some you should just finish the rest"

So I did something that I don't normally do and stepped on the scale. It was only a different of 6lbs (that's 6lbs up). The number didn't really effect me accept to confirm I wasn't 300lb again, but I still didn't feel good in my body and that's when I know getting active will help that.

Another thing that started to get to me was that I was encouraging my clients to do things that I myself hadn't been doing and I didn't feel good about that.

So this morning I was tired of all the negative build up and decided that I would stick to my normal Sat morning run ( I knew that if I skipped it I would just feel like more crap). The weather called for rain but I was going to go rain OR shine. It wasn't raining this morning but very fogging. In a way that worked out very well for me as I couldn't see how far I still had to go! LOL!....For some reason I picked a route that I have never run before and I didn't know the distance of it either.

So off I go and 20min in I'm already thinking of quiting or stopping....just then some guy ran by me, passing me. "Aw crap! I'm dragging ass" was my thought. 25min into the run I was hurting and not feeling good....now saying that I mean my mind not so much my body. My breathing was hard but that's only because I hadn't done anything in a week.
That's when I realized that I had some major stinking thinking going on. That's when I realized, I'm running with the enemy here! "OK OK you got to start thinking about something else!!!" I said myself....that's when I knew that fear had caught up with me on this run and it was effecting my most important muscle of all....MY BRAIN!!!!

So what did I do?!! I started prayer to Mereidth (My trainer who dyed in a tragic accident) and I started to focus on what she would say and what she would do.

Now I had to stop and walk a few time and I HATE that!!! But! I need to do what I encourage others to do and just chillax on myself. A run is a run, some or better then others and at least I was out there!

So I finished my run which in the end lasted 1hr 10min and was 10.5k in distance!!!! As I was getting close to home I had some tears...tears of what I don't know but I let them come and it felt good. Then funny enough the song Halo, which reminds me of Mereidth came on and that's what I ended my run listening to :)

Now during that last .5k I think that fear got a lil tired because I didn't feel her around in my head anymore....in fact now I was thinking:

Fuck the guy who passed me...who cares
Fuck the pounds
Fuck the time it takes me to run
Fuck the speed that I am running at

I'm out here doing something and that's ALL that counts! Nike is right 'JUST DO IT!'

So I got home, showered and put on my shirt that says, "Strong is the new beautiful!"

I'm baaaaaaack!!!! 8-D

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thurs~ THE SUN!!!!!!!

This week's an easy one! I am writing this so late in the day because this is the first time I have been inside all day!!! I had breakfast, snack, lunch & dinner out on our deck today. Above is a picture of me tanning my toes and wearing my first Capri's of the summer!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!
I am thankful for the feeling of the hot hot sun beating down on me while my kids play ALL DAY LONG outside....boy are we all going to sleep tonight. And even though I am sitting here with my arms, chest and face BURNING and hurting....cause I am burnt SO bad...and YES I did use sunscreen...it was all still worth it :-)

OH and P.S. don't mind the HUGH bump under my right big toe, it was from when I fell off my bike last year and hurt it some way and never got it checked out and now it's healed wrong and I still have to get x-rays on it to see what's the deal and I just haven't found time to do that either.....but boy is it BIG!! LOL! I didn't realize until I looked at the picture!

'Live in YOUR Awesome'