A Van Awesome Journey

Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Into action

Ok so it's been a big week around here. My first 'race' on Sat and my first bike ride on Wed. I finally just got tired of living in the fear and when people asked me if I had been on the bike yet I got tired of hearing myself say, "No, next week" So I went back to the basics and planned the day I was going to go and told people about it, because I know that I just can't go back and NOT do something after I have committed to it when it comes to being active. I had an idea in as to how it was going to go and of course it didn't go that way...instead it went just the way it was supposed to :) I had originally planned to go out with a girlfriend (another thing I did to ensure the ride would happen) but with 3 kids plans have to change a lot and sometimes at the last min, so I had to change the time and she wasn't able to join me then. Hubby was putting the little kids to bed and my 6yr heard me say to hubby that I needed my bike down to to go for a ride, "Can I come with you Mommy!?" he asked. I agreed that he could come since I was just doing loops around my street for 20min. I had to nurse the baby before I went out and Nicholas (my 6yr) sat beside me while I did. I told him that I was really excited that he was come with me, I explained that it was my first bike ride and that I was feeling really scared about it, "What do you think I should do about that buddy?" I asked. "Just breath" was his reply....I held back tears as I thanked him for the advise and realized in that moment though my own weakness I was teaching him how to be strong. So hubby got out the new bike and my heart was thumping so hard, the back tire was flat so hubby pumped it up for me. While we were doing this my 4yr saw us on the front lawn and came out, "Are you going on your bike Mommy?" he asked."Yes buddy I am" I told him..."yeah!! Mommies going on her bike!!" he yelled....my own little awesome cheerleading squad :) I hoped on the bike and started to go but hubby noticed that the back tire went flat again. So I got off and thought for a moment that this ride was not going to happen tonight....then the voice of awesome screamed loud and clear in my head....."You still have your old bike that's all tuned up and ready to go!!!" So hubby got it out for me... I tied back on the pink ribbon for Meredith to come along too and me and my son were off. I felt SO awesome! I thought I was going to be wobbly on the bike due to my weak core and back but I wasn't. As I rode down the street I could hear the wind in my ears and feel it on my face. "Woooo Hooo!!" I yelled out, I felt awesome!! We ended up doing 6 loops in the 20mins and I had to force myself not to go faster and further......"Just do this first ride the way you planned it Gail" I kept saying to myself...it was like trying to keep an excited child calm! LOL!.....I made sure that I concentrated on proper posture on the bike. Shoulders down, tail bone out, relaxed arms, but my the 4th loop my fingers were going numb because my core and back are currently too weak to hold myself up, so all my weight was on my hands.....not a good way to ride...but whatever! I did 6 loops!!!!....I thanked my son for joining me and told him how awesome it was that he was there with me. We did a high five and a hug before I stretched to ensure that I cooled down properly......after that I came in the door... took my running shoes off.... and cried. It felt so good to be into action again, even if it was just 6 loops, I plan to keep at it and will work on making those loops more and bigger :) I hope you are living in YOUR Awesome today!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nothing left but fear....

So this Sun a friend that I meet over tweeter came to help me. Her name is Samantha Montpetit-Huynh and she is the owner of Core Expectations, she is a trainer who trains pre and post-natal woman and she is AWESOME!!....This girl knows what she is talking about, she shares the information very well and she loves what she does and it clearly comes across in her spirit....I fully trust her to help me take my post-baby body to the next level in a safe proper way...and that's just what I did.
I love 'living in the solution' and talking with and learning from Sam was just that. It was so fantastic because I easily understood what she was talking about, do to the knowledge and experience I have had in these last 4yrs. It continues to amaze me how becoming healthy and aware of my body has all these little side effects I never thought of....It's funny because although I know my body and different types of exercise, I learned that I can only 'train myself' so far. Sam suggested a few exercises to me that I didn't know about to do and she also suggested some ones that I did know AND should have been very obvious to me but I didn't think about them until Sam mentioned them...DUH!! LOL!....and that is why it's important to reach out and ask for help from others. I can't do it all on my own and an important lesson I have learned through all this is that trying to do it all on my own is lonely....because I am on my own! So my new attitude about asking for and accepting help is this...although I might be capable of doing things if someone offers to help me or join me, say YES!!! because then I don't have to do it alone! :-D So another reason I had Sam come was to just double check with another professional that I was ok to go ride on my bike. She said yes....it was funny cause as soon as she said that a voice in my head said, "Ah shit! now you got no reason, all that's left is the fear" I hope you are living in your awesome today!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An hour of awesome!

So today I decided to do my Physio outside on the deck in the sun, while the baby slept, it was a very awesome idea. I had my music going and it felt so good to get all hot and sweaty in the sun and cool off with every breeze that came by.It reminded me of the workouts I use to do with the Phat Chicks at the park...I miss those chicks.... I find it to be a type of meditation for me. It helps me to just slow down in my day and in my mind, things become clear for me as to what needs to be done AND I get my best ideas during this time too. I got another good idea in this hour, the only problem is that I didn't write it down right away and so my baby brain has taking it away and I can just remember having a good idea but not what it was!!! LOL!...oh dear!...ok next time I am going to have a pad a paper beside me so I can write these things down to do at another time! Hope you are living in your awesome today!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The awesome father of Subway

So last week I got the very rare opportunity to meet Fred DeLuca the founder of Subway. It was way awesome to learn about the history of a place that me and my family often go to. When I started on my healthy journey I switched out our pizza nights to Subway nights instead AND imagine my delight when they built one right behind my house!! OH YEAH!! Fred started Subway in 1965, he got a $1000 loan from a family friend and built the first shop in Newfoundland. He had started construction on the building when the city came along asking for his permit, "What permit?!" he asked...he didn't know you needed one to build! LOL!!...so he went done to City Hall and asked for a permit. When asked for his plans for the building, "What plans?" was his reply....so he sat out front and drew up the plan for the shop went in and they gave him a permit!!! WOW! I also learned that although Subway came to Canada after McDonalds, Subway has more stores then them! Huh! I asked why he made the store set up the way it is with it all open right there in front of you. It was explained that he wanted to show that there was nothing to hide, all the fresh food was out there in front of you. Your sandwich was made the way you like it in front of you...awesome, I like that. I was also so impressed to hear how happy the employees were, from the front line workers to the shop owners to people who over see the shop owners. Fred seems to have really built a 'Subway family', their success is his success so he is heavily invested in them and provides support for them in all areas of the business. Right from the start they are provided an intense Franchise 'training'. Fred also keeps the Franchise cost low so that the owners turn over a profit faster and are happy....and happy workers make good workers. I love that Fred understands the front line because he has built it literally from the ground up and on his way up he has kept that appreciation....very humble and very awesome! It almost makes ME want to buy a Subway! LOL!....who knows, I'll put it on 'the list'...I am currently growing three future sandwich artistes!! LOL!!...OH! and one last thing, Fred and I have the same fav Sub...turkey!!! AWESOME!!! I hope you are living in your awesome today!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remembering Mer......

So all through the year I often think of Meredith Hagan my very first trainer that I got when I started going outside of the house to do exercise. Her and Suzie Opie are owners of Phat Chicks and they offered a free trail class to Momstown. As soon as I saw the name I loved it!...tried the class, loved it more, ....met Meredith and Suzie, loved them and signed up right away! Meredith was a beautiful amazing person from the inside out. In my first year of healthy living (2010) I told her how I was going to do a Triathlon that Sept, "I can help you!" she said to me.....she never got the chance. On a beautiful day in April of that year Meredith was out on Kings Rd on her road bike training for the full Ironman she planned to do when she was 40 (she was currently 36) she hit a strange spot on the road flew off her bike and into an on coming car.....Meredith died the next day from the injuries....I still cry when I have to type this. Although I have known Meredith longer in death then I have in life her presents in my life for those brief 6 months has impacted me SO greatly and the fire that she helped light still burns strongly inside me today. She loved being active and feeling awesome, she loved helping others to be active and feel awesome. Still daily I often bring Meredith with me as I head out for a race or go help a client or friend....I think to myself, "Mer would have liked this" or "Mer would be proud of this"...or "This would have made Mer smile"....I am unable to look at her picture everyday but I have it on my dresser upside down and every once and awhile I turn it over and look at her and remember...... I have my pink ribbon ready to be tied on my new bike, I use that pink ribbon as my way of bringing her 'with me' when I'm out there. She use to always wear a pink head band in her hair....but it's not just her that I am bringing, it's her friend and partner Suzie Opie too. Those two together were a force of awesome I tell ya! I felt so empowered to do the imposable workouts they put in front of me. Many times they would explain the workout and we would look at them like WTF!!! and they would smile and say, "You can do this!..it's going to awesome!"...and guess what...I did do it and it WAS awesome! They believed in me before I could believe in myself.....it's that feeling of empowerment and confidence that the pink 'Mer' ribbon represents to me. Just yesterday I got to dress up and head down to Toronto to meet Fred DeLuca the founder of Subway (which I'll tell you about in another blog!!) I put on the 'Meredith' bracelet that her sister had made. It has the beautiful jewels and her tattoo that she had on her which represents 'double happiness' as I put it on I felt like I was bring Meredith with me, "Meredith would think this is awesome" were my thoughts. So now I am heading into the weekend of her race, it is this Sat and you can register all the way up until the day. It's a really fun run and a great route on the trails of Mountsburg. It's called the Inspiration run, they have it around her birthday every year. I will hopefully be doing the 5k walk this year. I feel like I will be able to do it and I am excited that it will be my first race after recovering from the medical issue from having the baby. I plan to do it but know that if I have to stop at some point or can't finish it's ok....at least I am trying...and that wold make Meredith smile....she had a beautiful smile.... I hope you are living in YOUR awesome today! xo

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lights, camera....awesome!!!!

So just as a follow up on the story about Scott from Rock & Road Cycle....CHCH News came out to interview me on it, then they went over to Scott's shop to interview him about it. He's such a sweet man that you can see at the end part of his interview he got all teary eyed! Just makes me want to go and hug the guy really!........knowing that I can trust the 'man' behind the counter means a lot to me when I have to intrust my safety and money in what he is telling me I need and what I need to spend means a lot these days....it's not all about the bottom line for him. He loves to bike and just wants to help other do it too :) Here is the clip from CHCH News tonight!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Confessions of a BFing sweet tooth MONSTER!!!

Ok I must have forgotten about this from the last two kids or maybe it was because I didn't care what I was putting in my body before, but WOW!!!!! The sweet tooth is out....of....control!! It is bothering me even more this time cause I am aware of what I am putting in my mouth and what it's made of....and yet, I can't stop myself from going to the corner store and getting a Caramilk bar and 4 sour keys!!! I got this 'craving' for jub-jubs the other day and I was like, "Ok, NO Gail they are pure crap and not going to make you feel good and you will be really thirsty after having them. So I tried eating other things that were better for me.....but 3 days later I still had them in my head.....that is how I ended up at the corner store, "eating like a teenage boy", that's how one of my other BF Mama friends puts it. So you think that would make the 'monster' happy right.....well NO it just made it MORE hungry for crap food! I even found myself thinking about going to get some McDonalds (which is not like me).....So the other night I had to stop in after Coaching to get some banana's (we are always out of banana's)...so I walk into the grocery store, tired and hungry...not good. The sweet tooth monster showed it's ugly head...however the voice of my ever expanding post baby ass won out this time!! LOL!...The voice that begged me not to eat the crap I was craving and do that to my body....so I had a delima...want to eat crap REAL bad....don't want to hurt my body with the crap. So I figured if I bought some dried fruit that would help with the 'chewy' feeling I was looking for and the natural sweet of the fruit would do it...well I then got on a roll with other yummy tasty healthy things.....I felt like I was pregnant again!! LOL!....so the picture above is what I ended up coming home with...Dried blueberries,dried fruit mix, dried mango, raisins, dries cranberries, almonds, mangos, peaches, watermelon, salmon, crab meat and the thing I originally went in for....Banana's! Man oh MAN!! I must say though the dried fruit seems to be doing the trick and they are WAY better then the jub-jub's I originally had in mind .....I call this 'damage control!' LOL!.. Hope you are living in your awesome today!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

omg! Omg! OMG!!!!!!!

Ok SO! OMG!!!! I have to share cause this is totally awesome!! As I have been feeling better weekly and getting back to doing my normal things I've started thinking that I might be able to get back on the bike again and just start going up and down on my street to start building up the strength again. So the owner Scott from Rock and Road Cycle is our bike mentor for Mommy's/Babe's in Motion and he's awesome! So I took my bike to him for a tune up trusting him to do the best as I know he really cares about me and my team and our safety out there on the bikes. While I was picking up the bike Scott mentioned to me that the back tire had needed work again (which he did fix and didn't charge me for it!) and that pretty much all the stuff I do on the bike now it would be best that I get a new better bike at some point. I explain to Scott that I did realize that, but now with 3 kids and a single income home I am left doing the 'poor man triathlon' and that I am happy to make do on what I have :) So Scott GAVE ME A BIKE!!!!! WTF!! "I'd love to see you on one of our bikes" he said. I raced home that day burst into the house calling to my hubby. He thought something was wrong cause I was crying. "I'm going to get a real life BIKE!!!" I told him, then told him about what Scott was doing to help me get out there on the bike again and to have another goal to work towards. That week he ordered me a sweet ass nice and shiny Devinci bike, built it and sized me on it. It currently is hanging in my garage 'calling to me' LOL! I'm not joking I swear I hear it calling, "Gail...Gail...come on Gail lets go for a ride you are going to LOVE it!" So I am having an inner battle about this right now as I have TWO different 'voices' going on. One being the bike 'voice' calling me to get on and go and get the first time over with. The second being that nasty (not awesome) voice of fear saying, "I don't think this is a good idea...your core is still too weak....you are still too weak....do it next week" I want to cry and throw-up at the same time as I think about getting on the bike again....I know I just need to stop thinking about it and go...I know I need to just get the first time over with...I know.....I know...I know....but in the end it's not about the knowing, it's about the doing....so for now the bike just hangs there in the garage...waiting for me.... I hope you are living in YOUR awesome today!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moon in June 2013 ~ Multi Tasking Mama!!!

So this is our 4th year running in the Moon in June Race. This is a very special race for me because it was the first race I ever did and my oldest son ever did and the kids 1K Meredith's Fun Run is named after my trainer Meredith Hagan who died while out on her bike training. So this year I was not able to run in the race but I still signed up the big kids for the 1K. My hubby was going to run the 5K by himself this year, last year we ran it together (his first race ever). But he got sick and injured at the start of the week so he couldn't. So the night was just about the kids and we had a blast. When the kids were lining up to start their race OF COURSE that was when the baby starts crying and wants to eat!!! So what do I end up doing!? I am nursing the baby (with one of my new fancy nursing tops where no one has to see anything but the baby can still eat) while sitting on the side of the road cheering on the kids racing and taking pictures!! LOL! At one point I race across the street to get a good picture on the other side and everyone was watching me...not sure if they could tell I was carrying and nursing the baby at the same time or that I was just a crazy woman running around with a baby! LOL! OH man!...but I didn't even care...I just wanted my kids to see and hear me cheering them on at the side and to get a good picture. In the end we got a few good pictures and the kids had fun, got there medals and freezes and we had another successful night as a healthy active family together. Hope you are living in YOUR awesome today!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cooking up a storm!!

Ok so I am definitely feeling better as I am now trying out a new dinner recipe :) The baking didn't go so well! But I think the dinner did :)...now my goal is to try a new dinner each week. But really due to cost and time and my energy it adds up being more like once a month. The reason being is that the new recipes take so much prep time cause it's of course a healthy meal and a lot of fresh food in it that needs to be prepped. So how do I get that done on my own with the 3 kids you ask?!!! Like this! I sling the baby to me and prep the food while the big kids are eating their snack and prep all the food into different bowels so it's good to go when I have to cook it and I can just throw everything in...I feel like I'm on a cooking show! LOL! This is the recipe that I tried out tonight ** I used Quinoa instead of couscous, SO much better for you ** So of course things never go as planned around here. As I was cooking this up it smelled SO good and yummy and it tasted really good to. However I am the only one that is able to tell you that and you will just have to take my word on it!....My hubby who is NEVER sick came home tonight throwing up...ewww...as he went up stairs to the bathroom he asked me to turn on the stove fan cause the food smell was making him feel sicker! LOL!!!...well then. Poor guy didn't have a chance to eat it. But I loved it and will be making it again :) Hope you are living in your awesome today!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The summer clothes swap!

Ok so I finally switched over my own clothes today to the summer ones. I had done all 3 kids but didn't get to mine yet so I pretty much have been wearing the same 3 outfits! LOL! It was an interesting experience with this post baby body...I'm in a new place once again. I am not obese like I was 3yrs ago and I'm not fit like I was 1 yr ago and I'm not pregnant like I was 3 months ago. I had a bit of the same experiences and a few new ones. First of all, the all to familiar feeling of trying on some pants that I am too big for and before I even get them half way up my thigh they are too tight and I know that I am not going to fit them! LOL! Now at least I have learned my lesson over the years to NOT keep trying to pull those pants up and fit them around my 'to big for these pants' ass and then try and do them up because...just maybe... if I can get them done up... they will fit!....yeah know! Next with the tops, some I could get over my head but they got stuck on these breast feeding milk jugs. I remember that when I was big. One time I got stuck in a top in the change room. I got the top over the boobs put I couldn't get them back up as I tried to take it off...took me about 15min to get out of THAT top and I was sweating after!! LOL!.....Now the new experiences that I had was that some of the clothes did fit me.. WOW! That made me feel a bit better about this marshmallow post baby body. So the good news is that I will have clothes to wear this summer :D...and it was actually kinda fun seeing all my old tops that say, "Awesome" and "I tried being good but I got bored" again and the one that says, "Punish me" made me laugh. Just another thing to help me reach my goal of getting to a healthier weight and being able to wear them again. For now they are packed back in the closet waiting......

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Subway Queen!!

So I went to this totally awesome event yesterday at Subway. It was just so ment to be as I LOVE Subway and eat there often. It's one of the switches that my family made too, instead of having a pizza night, the family now walks down to the Subway by our house. The staff there knows us and our orders LOL! It's our 'Cheers'...when I was unable to go out and was recovering from all the medical issue after having the baby. My hubby went to get us a Sub for lunch one day and the new girl heard the wrong meat (ham) and when he got to the cash the guy there who knows us said, "Sir are you sure this is right? She always gets turkey" how awesome is that!!! So I wrote into the Subway head office to let them know how awesome that staff is at that location. The event I went to yesterday was at a Subway and they were introducing us to two new toppings. Spinach and avocado, both I of which I eat and love. But what I also like about that is that those foods are able to be fresh. There's nothing that needs to be done to spinach and I even asked about what was 'in'the avocado spread. The Executive Chef of Subway was there and explained to me in great detail how they made and kept fresh the avocado spread. So without going into the dry details of it, I'll just say that I was very happy with the answer and it tasted good AND I will be putting it on my sub from now on.......and NO they are not paying me to say that! LOL!...and NO this blog post is not sponsored by Subway. I'm just a big Subway fan and want others to pick a fresh alternative to eat while out there! It was pretty fun as we got to go behind the counter this time and make our own Sub and then we named our Sub...mine was the Awesome Turkey rainbow LOL!....I was then set home with a way cute goodie basket of stuff...some avocado's,spinach seeds, t-shirt, gift card to Subway AWESOME!!! Hope you are living in your awesome today!!!