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Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Move, Rest, Recover....Repeat

So I must say things these days sure are going a lot slower then I am use to! From taking 50000 years to get out the door in the morning with all the kids to being able to fit in a swim, bike or walk. Man! if only I had realized before I had my third kid how much 'free time' I really did have I would have enjoyed it more! LOL!....it's all about perspective eh! So before, getting in 4-6 workouts/training sessions a weeks was no issue. I would wake up early or go in the evenings or if I only had a short amount of time I would just do a short hard workout. Well now I am unable to do that. With the baby up once a night to eat an early morning just isn't working for me now and having the kids all day I am wiped out and in bed at 7pm most nights. I also am not able to do a 'hard' workout in a short time as my body won't allow that right now....so what's a Mama to do?!!.....well just get MORE creative...us Mama's are good at that :D......I find I have to MOVE (workout or train) for a day or two then REST while my body RECOVERS and then REPEAT. So that means I have a few days of down time and I am not use to that, but I have to listen to my body (even when my mind is begging me to do more) I just can't take the chance! I have three awesome little boys I have to be able to keep up with for years to come. So this year is an important one! I have to build a strong body again....but do it SMART!! So my creative ways involve swimming circles around my Moms pool while the kids splash and play and sticking to 20min of biking around my streets....
which by the way I finally did on my new bike!!! and all I have to say about that new bike and it's awesome gears is that it's SWEET ASS!!!!!! LOL!!! OMG! I love it and I am really excited about getting back to my normal one day because I got plans for that bike! We are going to go places!! I even called Scott after I did my first ride on it to let him know just how sweet ass I thought it was LOL!....
of course the first thing I did before I got on the bike was take my pink ribbon that represents Meredith and put it on my new bike...I wasn't going to go without her. So I continue on as I move, rest, recover....repeat. I hope you are living in YOUR Awesome today!

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