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Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

No pictures please!

So today I experienced a first. We got family pictures done from J9 Photography. So getting the pictures done was not the first time but how I felt doing it was new to me. I was excited and looking forward to it!

The first client I ever had for my business 'Bring out YOUR Awesome' I remember her saying when we were talking about her goals, "I know this sounds funny but I want to get family pictures done"..... I totally understood what she was talking about.

When your big pictures are NOT fun! Trying to hide behind everyone or trying to suck in your huge gut while looking like your NOT sucking in your huge gut. Or placing the children on my lap to cover the stomach and large thighs....yup these and other stuff are all the things that run through your head when your big.....then later looking at the pictures and always being disappointed how everyone looks great...but me, OR how my body takes up half the picture :(....not fun.

So last week when I booked our shot I was so excited and looking forward to it :)....I figured that I would need to wake up 1/2hr sooner because I would have to go through a few different outfits....which is what I had to do before....but this time I stood looking at my closet and thought, " I want something comfortable and summery"......so I grabbed my blue dress and that was it!....while we were taking pictures I wasn't worried about hiding behind the kids or if I was in front or not.....MY GOD!!! It was great! I'm comfortable with how I look and feel. What freedom! :).....I almost started getting teary eyed as I told the photographer about how picture before were SO horrible and how great I feel today.

Thanks J9 Photography for giving me another first!

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


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