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Hi thanks for finding my blog! I am a wife of an awesome husband and proud mother to two amazing boys. I just quit my job to stay at home with our children and now have all the time in the world to play play play!!! Play with my children and play some games of my own...hence this blog. I entered a contest to be part of an Adventure Race something I have never done before. So I am required to blog weekly on my journey...so here goes..thanks for sharing it with me :).................So what has started out as a blog for reasons mentioned above has now continued into an on going journey that I have been asked to continue to share...and you with me! So thanks for coming along for the ride :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thurs~ Tunes at the right time!

So all week I have noticed that every time I got in the car on my own just the right song was on. I am thankful for those moments when a song I LOVE comes on the radio and I get to crank it and sing my guts out!!! So if you see a mini van with a Mama dancing around in the seat and singing.....it's ME :D

I also LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga's new song, "I was Born this Way".... I am thankful that we now have songs that our kids can listen to where these are the words:

I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track baby
I was born this way
...and now you need to listen to the song so that it's in your head all day loooong! LOL!

'Live in YOUR Awesome!'


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